Danish striker Nicholas Bendtner has said that Emmanuel Adebayor was the only player he never liked and fell out with, per his interview with talkSPORT

The former Arsenal player said he and the former Togolese international sat next to each other in the dressing room many years back. However, from the first time they met they had bad vices and that never changed. Bendtner said he was 26 then, with Adebayor a year younger.

The forward recalled the bursts with Adebayor at Tottenham, saying that we had some small spats in the dressing room, and it was quite a big one at White Hart Lane where it kind of blew out of proportion. We got demolished 5-1, we did very bad, the disappointment and frustration of letting the fans and team down heightened between us.

Bendtner said he could remember that they had a sting on the pitch, then had another little one in the dressing room, and were then in Arsene Wenger’s office getting fined the next day.

Arsene Wenger explained how we had to learn to deal with each other on a personal, working, and professional level. It was really a better way of knowing how to work with one that you really don’t like.

More so, the Danish explained how he was given an earbashing by Thiery Henry after upsetting the legend in the training ground.

Bendtner told the talkSPORT Breakfast that how Henry put him in place that fateful day. He said he is from a place when people stand up for themselves and so is Henry. So when they clashed, the Frenchman taught him a lesson. He still sees Henry as the greatest striker and one of the Premier League’s biggest players and personalities.