Manchester city striker Emmanuel Adebayor is an integral part of the national team, but he is a player that the team should learn to be without in the future according to the national team manager Didier Six.

The Togo national team manager Didier Six has said that even though he has once claimed that Emmanuel Adebayor is extremely integral for the team and its progress forward, he has said that his prolonged absence for the national team has made him adjust to the life without the centre forward, who is currently the record goal scorer for the national team with 23 goals.

However, his international career has been chequered a lot by the clashes with the football Association of Togo. He officially announced his retirement from the international level in 2010 following the gun attacks on the team bus. He was, however, made it to come back from retirement after promises were made by the Football Association over the security of the team in the future. After saying that the Football Association has went back on its promise of offering high levels of security, Emmanuel Adebayor once again announced his retirement only a few months ago.

“Nobody can deny the talent and importance of Emmanuel Adebayor in the Togo national team, and the great things he has done for the nation. But we can’t keep waiting and hanging our hopes on one player, who has turned his back on us. We need to accept the situation, work with those available and move forward. And that is what I feel the players are beginning to do. We must learn not to depend on one player but depend on the team as a whole,” Six said recently. Emmanuel Adebayor is set to leave his club Manchester City before the start of the new season.