Adebayor’s current season with Tottenham is not going anywhere near to the previous one when he managed to claim the top goal-scorer award during the season of 2011-12 for the team of Andre Villas-Boas.

His fantastic time on loan with Tottenham made him sign a permanent deal with the Togolese and a transfer fee of £5m things aren’t going as great as it used to. Having only made a limited number of appearances in this season for Tottenham and the arrival of Roberto Soldado has even lead Adebayor on being demoted to play with the youth squad on a number of occasions.

“I have tried to keep my belief but I cannot get any lower. If I am lower than this it means I am dead,” Adebayor told the Sun.

Despite his struggles, the 29-year-old player is still hoping he can make the same impact he did on his previous season with the club. He has been linked to Liverpool according to a Liverpool news website.

“I have three years left on my contract and I’m not going anywhere. I’m fully committed, my fitness levels are getting back and I have unfinished business here.

“If selected I will give everything to be a success here. If not selected, I will give everything to be selected. Yes, it’s been frustrating but I just have to keep my hopes alive, keep training hard, keep doing my thing and my chance will surely come.”

Things really got touch for Adebayor when his brother Peter died while he was on his tour in Hong Kong and was given time off by the club and when he came back, he found Roberto Soldado taking up his position.

Emmanuel Adebayor made his debut of this season during Tottenham’s match against Manchester City and after not managing to make any impact with the team, it is not the debut a player wishes to make and to make matters worse, he picked up a groin strain injury and possibly will be missing out for even more matches.