Emmanuel Adebayor is not happy that he hasn’t been allowed to lead Togo

Emmanuel Adebayor is not happy that he hasn’t been allowed to lead Togo on a regular basis.

And, thus, he has started to think of making himself unavailable for national duty in future.

In Togo’s recently played game versus Liberia, it was Dossevi and not Adebayor who was asked to wear the armband by the manager.

Adebayor took it very offensively, but, he let his game do all the talking as he went out there in the middle and scored the second decisive goal for his team to win the game.

But, thereafter, in the post match interview, he hinted it might have been his last appearance in Togo shirt.

What irked Adebayor was not that he was not named captain for that particular Liberia game, but, the fact that he was made aware of that only a few hours ahead of the game.
According to Adebayor, when all the boys gathered on the game day, the manager made the announcement that the team would be skippered by Dossevi.

Expressing his disappointment, Adebayor said, “This is serious business, not street Football. You can just turn up all of a sudden and tell the regular captain to step aside for somebody else. There is a little more graciousness expected at this level. It was surely gutting as far as I am concerned.”

“And, this has actually made me contemplate what I want to do regarding my international career because I am not sure what awaits me next. Maybe, for the next game, the manager leaves me out of the squad altogether and I have to watch the game from the crowd.”

“I am yet to have a proper chat with Tom Saintfiet though. Before making any call, it’s only fitting that I go to him and ask what I have to ask.”